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A Comprehensive Guide to the Kailash Rai Law of Contract PDF Download

If you are studying or practicing contract law in India, you may have heard of the Kailash Rai Law of Contract, which is a popular textbook among students and lawyers. Written by Dr. Kailash Rai, a renowned legal scholar and former faculty member of the Faculty of Law, University of Delhi, this book covers the principles and cases of contract law in a lucid and systematic manner. It is also available as a PDF download, which can be convenient for those who prefer digital copies or want to save paper and money. In this article, we will provide you with a comprehensive guide to the Kailash Rai Law of Contract PDF download, including its features, benefits, drawbacks, and alternatives.

Features of the Kailash Rai Law of Contract PDF Download

The Kailash Rai Law of Contract PDF download is a digital version of the print edition, which contains 23 chapters and around 800 pages. The content is divided into four parts: General Principles of Contract Law, Formation of Contract, Performance and Discharge of Contract, and Remedies for Breach of Contract. Each chapter begins with an introduction, followed by a detailed explanation of the relevant legal doctrines, supported by case analysis, examples, and illustrations. The language is clear and concise, and the layout is user-friendly, with headings, subheadings, and footnotes. The PDF version preserves the same formatting as the print version, and can be viewed on various devices, such as laptops, tablets, and smartphones, with free software like Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Benefits of the Kailash Rai Law of Contract PDF Download

The Kailash Rai Law of Contract PDF download has several advantages over the print version, such as:

– Portability: You can carry the entire book with you wherever you go, without the need for bulky bags or shelves.

– Searchability: You can easily search for specific keywords, phrases, or cases, using the search function of your PDF reader, instead of flipping through pages or indexes.

– Zoomability: You can zoom in or out of the text and images, adjust the font size or style, or change the screen brightness or contrast, according to your preferences or needs.

– Affordability: You can save money by downloading the PDF version, which is usually cheaper than the print version, and avoid the shipping or handling charges.

Drawbacks of the Kailash Rai Law of Contract PDF Download

The Kailash Rai Law of Contract PDF download also has some drawbacks, such as:

– Accessibility: You may not have access to the PDF version if you don`t have internet connectivity, a compatible device, or a sufficient storage space.

– Legibility: You may find it harder to read or annotate the PDF version, compared to the print version, especially if the text is small or complex, or if you prefer highlighting or underlining.

– Authenticity: You may encounter some errors or omissions in the PDF version, which may not be present in the print version, or may be corrected in the subsequent editions. You should always verify the source and authorship of the PDF file, and crosscheck it with other reliable sources, such as the official website of the publisher or the library catalogue.

Alternatives to the Kailash Rai Law of Contract PDF Download

If you are looking for alternatives to the Kailash Rai Law of Contract PDF download, you may consider the following options:

– Other contract law textbooks: There are many other textbooks on contract law available in the market, both print and digital, such as Anson`s Law of Contract, Cheshire, Fifoot and Furmston`s Law of Contract, and Pollock and Mulla`s Indian Contract and Specific Relief Acts. You may compare their features, prices, and reviews, and choose the one that suits your needs and interests.

– Free online resources: There are also many free online resources on contract law, such as case law databases, legal blogs, and academic papers, that you can access without any cost. Some of them are listed below:

– Indian Kanoon: A website that provides access to Indian case law and legislation, including contract law.

– Manupatra: A legal database that provides access to Indian and foreign case law, legislation, and commentary, including contract law.

– JSTOR: A digital library that provides access to academic journals, books, and primary sources, including contract law.

– SSRN: A repository that provides access to academic papers and working papers, including contract law.


The Kailash Rai Law of Contract PDF download is a valuable resource for those who want to learn or teach contract law in India. It provides a comprehensive and well-organized coverage of the legal principles and cases, and is available in a convenient and affordable digital format. However, it also has some limitations, such as accessibility, legibility, and authenticity, that you should be aware of. Therefore, you may also explore other options, such as other textbooks or free online resources, to supplement or complement your learning and research.